Friday, August 12, 2011

HELP! Wanted: Tales of On-the-Job Horror

I am thrilled to be part of the forthcoming anthology of corporate evil-themed fiction, HELP! Wanted: Tales of On-the-Job Horror with my short story "Carpool".  The Evil Jester Press collection features some of the genre's heaviest hitters, including the brilliant Stephen Volk (screenwriter of Gothic, one of my all-time favorite films), Vince Liaguno, and Gary Brandner of The Howling fame.  Also among the talent, many of my favorite up-and-coming authors like Craig Saunders, Henry Snider, and Matt Kurtz, all of whom I've had the pleasure of sharing space with between the covers of recent book releases.  Here's the official ToC!

HELP! Wanted  is the brainchild of the amazing Charles Day, EJP's founder, and Senior Editor Peter Giglio, truly two of literature's rising stars (and a couple of great guys with some serious vision).  The anthology weighs in at a very respectable 87,000 words and is scheduled for publication in October 2011.

To view Peter's chilling book trailer, click on:


  1. This is such a great line up. I can't wait to read these stories...

  2. Gregory, I finally found out why I couldn't comment. Dale Eldon helped me out. He told me to not stay signed in. To always sign out if you have more than one account, which I do. SO, I have to thank him. I just clicked FOLLOW, so now I'm stalking you. Love you new blog.

  3. Love having you here, Charlie! This site is still evolving (it's not quite 72 hours old heh) and there are a few wonky things I'm trying to sort out, but I think he's off to a good start. Hope to do you and EJP proud!

  4. Well done, Gregory! So thrilled to have you in this book, along with the other 24 talented scribes. The book market is a tough one, but I have a great feeling about HELP! WANTED.

    By the way, did you notice that our stories in BIG BOOK OF NEW HORROR are side-by-side? That made me very happy to see.